We started our digital adventure in November 2010 and created our “limited co.” in 2012, we continue with.

Our mission is to support any printer in any market without any conditions. Our support can be besides supplying high quality inks in different types such as consulting or creating colour profiles or procuring spare parts and technical assistance.

The very special aim we focus on is, that the printers become independent from any supplier to pull themselves up by their own bootstraps. For that reason we try to inform everybody personally or through our web-site about every innovation, improvement or change in the sector which we will continue surely, as the sector shows big changes and we are conscious about the fact, that we have to keep up with the fast development of the technology.

In this context one of our important characteristics is, that we are more a solution partner than a supplier for our customers and we are determined to keep on that way.

The satisfaction of our customers is our satisfaction….